How to get started painting with watercolors

Are you a beginner, looking to get started painting with watercolors? Here are the materials that I recommend:

Paints: A full color kit of watercolor tubes will last you many, many paintings. The colors in this pack are bright, easy to mix, and comprehensive:

Paper: I love spiral bound watercolor books like these. I sometimes use them for other mediums as well, and even serious brainstorming:

Artist’s Tape: For taping down your watercolor paper and creating a clean frame around your painting:

Wax Resist: For masking out white areas while saturating with color:

Wax Resist eraser: For removing the wax resist easily and cleanly:

A paint tray: You’ll want this kind in order to add water to your paints in the little wells:

Brushes: You can use the same two small brushes that are used for my acrylic painting classes for watercolors:

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Amazon gives me a percent of sales made through my affiliate link. This does not raise the price of the materials.


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