The Lifestyle Edit

Edit your story – refine your life

The Lifestyle Edit is a process to identify and eliminate mental blocks, baggage, bad habits, and harmful beliefs and “clear the clutter,” in our lives. It’s a “Konmari” method, for your lifestyle!

Find extra hours in our schedule, prioritize your highest values, learn to pivot, innovate, and map your way to a life that serves you, to a lifestyle you love living!

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Redefine your goals

The Lifestyle Edit is a new way to re-define your goals. The process involves “Lifestyle Auditing” and “Task and Habit Tracking,” “Mental Self Re-Programming” and “Goal Lining.”

Go from frazzled to focused

If you feel like you need to declutter your whole life, then this course is for you!

Exclusive Offer

Save $10 when you pre-order before June 1, 2020

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